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We're at the Busy Bee restaurant in Ryde twice a month

Every 2nd Tuesday and 4th Wednesday at two o'clock

Support and Friendship for anyone with Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain and CFS on the Isle of Wight



Fibromyalgia is a chronic condition of widespread pain, fatigue and loss of restorative sleep. Other symptoms can include IBS, short term memory lapses, confusion, headaches, skin sensations/sensitivity, eye and jaw problems, and loss of balance. Many sufferers have the symptoms for months and even years, before being correctly diagnosed.


Fibromyalgia Syndrome was recognized by the World Health Organisation during a consensus conference in Copenhagen between 17th and 20th August 1992. FMS is also recognized by the various benefits agencies and there have been successful instances of sufferers claiming long-term medical insurance payments and pensions.


Fibromyalgia Action UK, a registered charity administered by Trustees, offers information and support to sufferers and carers, as well as co-ordinating 100 local groups throughout the UK, including Northern Ireland and Guernsey. The Wight Fibro Group is proud to be working with them to provide support on the Isle of Wight.

Come and join us at the Busy Bee!

Formal meetings still aren’t possible due to Covid, sadly. But we are now having our informal Coffee’n’Cake Afternoons at 2:00 pm every 2nd Tuesday and 4th Wednesday of each month.

You will find us at the Olive Tree restaurant in the Busy Bee Garden Centre in Ryde.

Why not come and join us? There’s always a friendly welcome for you, great company, and the cakes are well worth the trip. It will be really good to see you.

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March Interim 2020

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Coffee and Cake


Every 2nd Tuesday

and 4th Wednesday

at the Busy Bee

in Ryde, 2:00 pm

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This wonderful article is written by the husband of a Fibro sufferer.…

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If you are finding it difficult to relax or unwind, why not try this video, produced by our in-house Psychotherapist, Chris.


It’s nice, simple and easy to use. Box Breathing has been used as a gentle way to induce calm anxiety and relieve stress for many years. Why not give it a try?

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