Hi Everyone!
Not a very long newsletter this month, to your great relief, I’m sure. After all, who wants to spend ages poring over reams of stuff in this sweltering weather? It’s certainly too hot to be slaving over.

Tai Chi
That doesn’t mean there’s nothing here, mind. First of all, we’ve had an email from a lady by the name of Nicola Jones who teaches Tai Chi. Starting in the Autumn she has a new community Tai Chi and Qigong class in Newport town centre on Tuesdays 1-2pm on a weekly basis.
This type of class is open to students of all ages and abilities, whether standing or seated the movements can be adapted to each student. The cost is £6 per class, and no booking is required. Each lesson is stand alone, allowing ad-hoc attendance for those living with differing health requirements.
If you would like to get in touch with Nicola the full details are here: https://earthbalance-taichi.com/shop/tai-chi-qigong-isle-of-wight/

Raffle Donations
As well as being good fun, our monthly raffles really help keep the roof over our heads meetingwise, so if you have anything you would like to donate to the raffle table please bring it in. It all helps!

From Rheumatism to Fibromyalgia – A history
Did you know that medical descriptions of Fibromyalgia go back to 1592? Or that it has variously been called neurasthenia, myelasthenia and fibrositis? Or my favourite: Myogeloses (sounds kind of gooey to me). This brilliant article, originally posted by Gill on her facebook page, gives a very good history (Thanks, Gill!).

And for the future…
This is a very interesting article on the links between conditions like Fibro and a new genetic finding: hereditary-a tryptasemia. Read more here.

Finally… Buyer Beware!
Given that they are now putting CBD compounds into Coca-Cola and beer I am becoming more and more sceptical about the value of this product, at least in the doses which are sold in the shops.
As this BBC report shows, some of the products being sold on the high street contain next to nothing of the CBD constituents people are expecting.
There are a lot of reports that proper, good quality, CBD oil helps many people. But buyers need to make sure they are actually getting what they pay for, and not just a bottle of glorified cooking oil. If you are buying these products, do a bit of research and make sure you get what you are expecting.

August Meeting
Our next meeting is on the 13th, at All Saints Church Hall, 1:30 as always. This month I will be giving a talk Mindful Awareness and Attention Management. See you there.
Warmest regards,