Season’s Greeting!

Well, I don’t know about you but I’ve been absolutely freezing this week. The only warm person in our house has been the dog and that’s only because he’s hairy and knows where the best duvet is.

Worse than being dead?
A couple of weeks ago I came across this report on the BBC website about a young woman called Tilly Moses who has been diagnosed with Fibro. In it she talks about the prejudice she has experienced she has experienced, on one occasion from a woman who thought Tilly’s make-up was far too nice for her to really be ill.

Talking about her condition, Tilly said “I’m happy but people find that really perplexing, as if being disabled is almost worse than being dead.” We all find ourselves having to battle against these attitudes, but despite this Tilly is succeeding in her career as a singer/songwriter. You can read the article here.

Colds, ‘flu and sinuses
Just recently I have heard more and more people complain about blocked sinuses. It’s the time of year for it, I suppose, so I thought I would look out some online help for sufferers. This is a WikiHow page with examples of how to massage your sinuses for rapid relief.

Is Fibro making you ill?
Does that sound like a daft question? Maybe, but there is a lot of evidence that conditions like Fibro can be so stressful that they cause PTSD. Which is Ironic because early life trauma can be a cause of Fibro in the first place. This article from The Mighty talks about how the stresses associated with pain, isolation and prejudice can make our symptoms worse, leading to a cycle of misery which can be difficult to escape.

In the article, Renee Fabian says: “The act of scheduling a medical appointment, going to a hospital, or having a procedure often triggers flare-ups or set backs for people with chronic illness. We may develop brain fog, feel shaky or have trouble sleeping before or after such events.” Sound familiar. Take a look at the article, it’s a good read.

No Meeting This Month
As we will be having our Christmas Lunch there will be no meeting this month, so please don’t attend All Saint’s on Tuesday.

Mindfulness classes at the Ventnor Botanic Gardens
Starting on Thursday the 2nd of January I will be teaching Mindfulness at the Botanic Gardens’ Wellness Centre. The classes will be every Friday morning starting at 10:30 and finishing at 12:00. £6 per person.

Mindful Awareness helps you deal with the stress and emotional turbulence of daily life, and teaches you how to relax and engage with your present moment. Not just for ten minutes but for the whole day.

If you would like to discover how to relax as you alleviate your anxieties and tensions, then come along. It’ll be lovely to see you.

And finally…
It just remains for me to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. The next few weeks are always a stressful time, so take care, go gently and don’t stress over a turkey. In fact, if you fancy an alternative, one of the best recipes I ever heard was for Golf Widow’s roast. For this you need:

1 Beef Roasting Joint
1 bottle Gin
1 bottle Vodka
1 bottle vermouth (red or white, which ever you prefer)

Wash the meat and dry thoroughly
Place in roasting dish.
Add the Vodka, Gin and Vermouth in equal proportions being careful to not let the dish overflow.
Place in a cold oven for one minute.
Remove from oven. Put the meat back in the refrigerator and drink the gravy. Delicious with Pringles.

Have a good one!


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