Hi Everyone
Not a very long newsletter this time. Basically I’m laid up with a screamingly bad back from knees to neck, so moving, sitting, staying still and generally being alive is quite a painful affair.

For your benefit…
I thought I would just include a link or two to some information about benefits, mainly because this is such a minefield and any info helps. This first thing is about some additional benefits you may be entitled to if you are already in receipt of a PIP:
And this next one is about Carer’s Credit, something I didn’t know about. But I do now. It’s worth checking out if you have someone looking after you.
Carer’s Credit – https://www.gov.uk/carers-credit

This month’s meeting
Will be on the 11th. Alison will be joining us for a seated yoga session. These are always highly enjoyable and excellent exercise. 1:30 at All Saints Church, Ryde. Be there or be stiff!

Tearing the wall down
OK, just a little homily, and then I’ll leave you in peace. We all know about the physical aspects of Fibromyalgia. All the research, treatments and medications focus very squarely on this, and rightly so. We know about the depression and anxiety, and the therapies and meds available for those too.
But there is one thing which sits outside of the above and which is rarely acknowledged, even though it is there every day of a Fibro sufferer’s life.
Fibro sets us apart. Perhaps because of our immobility. Perhaps because of our pain. Perhaps because of the shame of ‘having to ask for help’. I don’t want to talk about ‘prison’ metaphors here, and this is certainly not about feeling sorry for ourselves. But what many people don’t realise is that isolation can be very stressful – we get buried in a mixture of anxiety and grief. And it’s horrible.
I cannot tell you how many emails I have had from people who have told me how they would love to come to the group but they simply cannot make it. Equally I have heard from those who have said that coming to the group has helped with the loneliness and isolation, but it took a lot of courage to make that first step.
For anyone in this situation it can be so hard to ask for help, so it falls to the rest of us to do the reaching out. Please don’t wait for the meetings or the Coffee Meet-ups to do it. You can do it from home. A quick message, a call, an exchange on Facebook, these things can make all the difference. Isolation feels like a fortress from the inside, but it’s only a tissue from the outside, so let’s tear it down.

Until next month, go gently,



Photo Credit:
Carl Jorgensen