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For once there isn’t a storm going on going on outside! In fact, the sky is clear and blue, although it is a bit cold still. Believe it or not, last Monday saw the beginning of Meteorological Spring in Britain (and probably otherwhere, too) according to the bods on Radio 4 and for at least ten minutes on Monday afternoon I believed them. Just before The Archers, it was. All sunny and everything. Then we moved rapidly into Autumn and by the time the afternoon play finished we were back into winter. Ho hum! 


Corona Virus 

I’m sure I have nothing to add to the millions of words about this burgeoning global epidemic. It is what it is. That said, I will urge all of you to be especially careful because Fibro does wear us down and does make us vulnerable to infection. It is going to happen and, while most corona viruses are not fatal (the common cold is a corona virus, did you know that? I didn’t) this one can be. Follow the safety advice to the letter. You can find it here: 


Stay safe! 


Fibromyalgia and the Nervous System 

This is a very interesting article about the relationship between Fibromyalgia and the Central Nervous System. Research is going on into so many areas and more and more discoveries are helping us get closer to a solution for sufferers. I won’t say any more about the article (I don’t want to spoil the ending) but you can find it here: 



This month’s meeting 

We have Jeannr who will be taking us through some seated exercises to help keep us fit. I know I could probably do with is because getting out for a walk in this weather has been impossible. So come along and give those cobwebs a good stretching, at least. 

All Saints Church Ryde, on Tuesday the 10th at 1:30. £3.50 including tea, coffee and fun. 


Right, I’m off to get some Lemsip. Yep I’ve got a stinker of a cold (no, I haven’t been to China, it just feels like it), so I’m off for some strategic recuperation in front of the Telly with the dog. Look after yourselves and I’ll see you soon. 

All the best, 


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