Hi Everyone

Well, the weather promises to be windy, rainy, sleety and possibly snowy. You can’t go out so you might as well stay in, turn on the gas fire, make a cup of tea, and read the November newsletter. You know it makes sense!

Christmas Raffle

We will be holding the Christmas Raffle at this month’s meeting. My special thanks for the terrific efforts of Mandy Williams, who has spent the last few weeks gathering gifts and donations from around the island. Because of this we have a truly magnificent hamper and prizes. If you only make it to one meeting a year, make it to this one. Not only might you be going home with some splendid prizes but you will definitely be supporting the Wight Fibro Group with each ticket you buy.

Fibromyalgia and Disability: The journey continues

The action to get Fibromyalgia classed as a disability has taken a major step this week with the action group meeting with the DWP to discuss matters. As always, the Government is never quick to act but the determination of this group is faultless and to be hugely admired. Especially as we all know the burden they carry as they do this. Why not visit their Facebook page to find out more and give them a message of support: https://www.facebook.com/Fibropetition/posts/2638834673010490

I want to take a moment…

… to say thank you to some people. Most of us, when we arrive at a meeting go straight to the desk where we are greeted by Gill. Come hell or high water, Gill is always there for us. Always smiling, always friendly, always ready to guide new members through signing up and the rest of us through signing in. But that’s only the bit you see. After the meetings are over, Gill meticulously counts the takings, keeps accounts, pays for the hall, deals with the bank and generally holds the accounts together. During these last 12 months especially, when things have been very tight, Gill’s management has helped to keep our group going. So my first ‘thank you’ goes to you, Gill.

We all get to see the raffle table every month. It magically appears, fully laid out with goodies, ready for the draw. Opposite is the Library, neatly arranged, ready for lending. But both of these need managing and this falls to Lesley who, every month, gathers and brings the raffle prizes and the books, makes sure that they are ready before anyone arrives, and then packs it all away to take home with her. And those books weight a ton, I can tell you! Did you also realise that almost every speaker we have had this year was organised by Lesley too? And we have had some brilliant ones: Remember Val? The mental image of tiny knickers in a Russian sauna is one I cannot eradicate. So my next ‘thank you’ goes to you, Lesley.

Without the efforts of Gill and Lesley the Wight Fibro Group would simply not exist. So, when you have a moment, just say ‘thanks’.

I know several of you do your bit throughout the year, and this is greatly appreciated, but there is one other to whom I would like to say ‘thank you’, and that is Lesley’s mum, Brenda. As well as providing everyone with a kind, friendly smile, and always helping out wherever possible, Brenda always takes it upon herself to collect and wash the mugs after the meeting. This is no small task, given the numbers at some meeting, and we really appreciate it.

However, it is, I feel, unfair to expect this lovely lady to do anything other than enjoy her leisure at our group. And in future I would like younger members of the group to take on this task. Please don’t wait to be asked, just give a few moments of your time before you leave. You may not get mentioned in dispatches, but you will be appreciated.

Christmas Lunch

This meeting will be the last opportunity to get a seat at the Christmas lunch table. We have a (very) few spaces left, so bring your deposit and get your name down. It should be a very enjoyable time and I am definitely looking forward to it.

Monthly Raffle

This won’t take place as such because of the Christmas Raffle. However, I just wanted to remind you that we always need items for the regular raffle so if you have anything to offer, please bring it. You never know what you have hiding in cupboards – Julie Golder has given us a fabulously huge bag of very nice toiletries after rummaging through her drawers in the bathroom. Thanks, Julie – you’re a star!

November Meeting

As well as the Christmas Raffle we will be having games in the form of a Beetle Drive and (if time allows) a quiz. As usual, tea and coffee will flow in biblical proportions, good company, laughter and bonhomie will fill the air. Tuesday 12th, 1:30, All Saints Church Hall, Ryde. See you there!

Yours, in kindness,