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As we slide gently into the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness I notice a distinct chilliness in the air. Summer’s lease hath all too short a date and temperatures shall soon be dropping. I don’t know about you but my old Osgood-Schlatter’s injury always starts to bother me around the end of September, and that’s when I know were going to start getting colder.

Guaifenesin – An interesting remedy
I recently read a post about the use of guaifenesin to treat fibromyalgia. Originally used as a cough/bronchial treatment, this relatively benign treatment has found uses in the care of Fibromyalgia, Gout and other musculo-skeletal ailments. Take a look at this page to find out more. You can get Guiafenesin from your chemists and it has few serious side-effects apparently, although nausea, stomach upsets and vomiting are quite common.

Changes to Concessionary Travel on the Isle of Wight
You may have heard about these proposed changes. The Council are not very forthcoming with information about it but there is a 12-week consultation in progress, which you can take part in online. Take a look here, and make sure you have your say!

The Future Clinic Webinar
Dr Gary Lee and colleagues will be presenting a webinar on Saturday October 5th. The title of the webinar is “Fibromyalgia – a story of strength and adaptability” If you wish to join Gary and his colleagues on this event (and you really should) the you can buy tickets via these links:
Morning session: https://bit.ly/2TJuGqZ
Afternoon Session:https://bit.ly/2NfJlcf

This month’s meeting
I am delighted to announce that Michelle Callaghan of Health Matters will be coming to see us this month. Michelle is a very highly qualified and experienced practitioner whom I know has already made a difference to the life of one of our own group members. Her treatments include Acupressure and Lymphatic massage, Reiki and Spinal Touch Therapy. You should not miss this presentation.
The meeting will take place at 1:30 on the 10th at All Saints Church Hall, Ryde. Look forward to seeing you there!
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